You can't earn extra money on betting sports - this is an old myth

In fact, there are many more players who win, and some of them make millions. In a new study, we look into whether this is true, as well as explore the relationship between the number of bets that players make and their income.
To do this, we analyzed a sample of 35 thousand customer accounts of sports bets online offices from around the world. And here are the long-awaited results.

A minority of players seriously consider sports betting as a profession

There is an opinion that it is almost impossible to make money on bets, and in the long run only a small percentage of bettors comes out as a plus.
Surprisingly, the average profit from all the players turned out to be positive after all. Like it or not, this of course does not mean that the majority of players play in the black. So in these statistics there are only a few fairly successful players and a lot of losing bettors.
But nevertheless, such an indicator means that there are players who earn quite a lot of money on bets in the best sports bet app - we will talk about them further.
On average, players make only 83 bets. This is quite understandable. For every long-term bettor, there will always be a dozen players who quickly drained the bank and forgot about their profile in the office.
Also, this indicator is influenced by people who take the passport details of their friend or mother and declare a hunt for all sorts of bonuses - this is a long and tedious path, but can be profitable. And after receiving the bonus, the profiles of such players no longer show activity and signs of life.

How much can you lose on betting sports today?

The answer is not difficult to wait - Infinitely many - and even more! The first 3 losing players are really painful to watch. The third place in the top of losers is occupied by a player with a total deposit of more than five million monetary units! Losing almost half a million with such injections is not the worst deal. Moreover, he managed to understand that the stakes are not his, having already invested quite a lot of money.
Most likely, the second place in the ranking will be the son of a millionaire, who simply indulges in large sums once a week. As a result - a loss of almost three and a half million rubles for only 84 (!) legal sports betting states. It turns out that only six-figure sums went into the business. This player left betting quickly and with longing in his eyes - this is his only achievement in sports bets. Well, the leader of the top is a man with wild passion, crazy eyes and foam from the mouth, otherwise how can one explain the amount of deposits of 120 million? Not a lot of bets were made, and the loss turned out to be small (relative to the funds deposited). But someone, tell him another way to earn money!